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Exploring Small Trucks? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the Small Trucks which are available in India.

Most popular Small Truck is Tata Intra V10. It is available in India with a and 29 horsepower. It is priced at Rs. 7.28 Lakh.

You can browse all the Small Trucks options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple Truck models for better understanding of alternatives.

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Other popular Small Trucks models are:

Popular Small Trucks

Truck Model Price Specification
Tata Intra V10 Rs. 727562 798 cc, 44.2 hp, Petrol
Tata Ace HT Plus Rs. 635037 800 cc, 16 hp, Diesel
Tata 710 SFC Rs. 1596207 2956 cc, 100 hp, Diesel
Tata Ace EV Rs. 921000 36 hp, Electric
Tata 712 LPT Rs. 1570000 3300 cc, 125 hp, Diesel

About Small Trucks in India

India is a country with a rapidly growing population and economy. One of the key drivers of this growth is the transportation and logistics industry. The need for efficient, cost-effective transportation is more critical than ever, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. In recent years, small trucks have emerged as a game-changer in this industry, revolutionizing the way goods are transported in India. These small trucks have become increasingly popular due to their ability to navigate through narrow streets and tight spaces, making them the perfect solution for urban transportation.

The Small truck segment has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments in India's commercial vehicle sector. The most popular Tata Ace small truck series has transformed the lives of many people in India. Check out important information related to small trucks like price, mileage, and other details on 91trucks.

Need for Small Trucks

The transportation and logistics industry in India is undergoing a significant transformation, and small trucks are at the forefront of this revolution. With a growing economy and increasing urbanization, the demand for efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions has become paramount.

Some of India's best small truck brands include Tata Intra V10Tata Ace HT Plus and others.

Rise of Small Trucks

Small trucks, also known as mini trucks or light commercial vehicles, have gained popularity due to their numerous advantages. They offer increased maneuverability, making them ideal for navigating through narrow streets and congested urban areas. Tata Motors is the pioneer in the mini commercial vehicle segment and paved the way for the rampant growth with Tata Ace's introduction back in 2005.

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), another domestic manufacturer, has also established itself in this segment with its iconic Bolero Pickup range. As a result, Tata Motors & M&M have emerged as the top players in the SCV vehicles market with their innovative, reliable and economical product portfolios.

Popular Commercial Vehicle Models In India

  • Tata Intra V10: The source of power for the Tata Intra V10 is a compact and frugal 0.8-liter two-cylinder diesel engine, which is currently one of the smallest diesel engines for a commercial vehicle sold in the country.
  • Tata Ace HT Plus: The Tata Ace HT Plus is one of the 116 different models from the house of Tata. The Tata Ace HT Plus has 34 Horse Power and the Fuel Tank Capacity is 30 liters.
  • Tata 710 SFC: The Tata 710 SFC is one of the 116 different models from the house of Tata. The Tata 710 SFC has 100 Horse Power and the Fuel Tank Capacity is 120 liters.
  • Tata Ace EV: It comes with a 36 hp electric motor, which is coupled to an automatic gearbox and produces 130 Nm of torque.

Small Trucks on 91trucks

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth exploration of small trucks in India and how they are transforming the logistics industry. Get all information related to small trucks at 91 Trucks. You can also apply filters to select the brand of small trucks. And you can even check every specification about the small truck price list, other specifications, and much more.

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