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Exploring Diesel Buses? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the Diesel Buses which are available in India.

Most popular Diesel Bus is Tata Winger Ambulance. It is available in India with a and 98 horsepower. It is priced at Rs. 16.39 Lakh.

You can browse all the Diesel Buses options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple Bus models for better understanding of alternatives.

Finally, when you decide which Diesel Bus suits you most, you may choose to contact your nearest Bus dealers to get best offers.

Other popular Diesel Buses models are:

Popular Diesel Buses

Bus Model Price Specification
Tata Winger Ambulance Rs. 1639320 2200 cc, 98 hp, 13 kmpl, Diesel
Tata Winger Staff Rs. 714000 2200 cc, 10.71 kmpl, Diesel
Tata Magic Express Ambulance Rs. 843705 798 cc, 44 hp, Diesel
Tata Magic Express M2 Rs. 727254 798 cc, 44.25 hp, Diesel
Tata LP 410 Starbus Skool Rs. 1852821 2956 cc, Diesel

About Diesel Buses

Diesel buses have long been the backbone of the public transportation system in India. With their robust engines and ability to carry a large number of passengers, these buses have played a crucial role in connecting people across the country.

Diesel Bus Price in India 2024

If you are exploring Diesel Bus on 91trucks, you will get a valuable and appropriate price. Diesel bus in India have a wide range of prices, which starts from Rs. 7.50 Lakhs and go up to Rs. 32.10 Lakhs*.

Popular Diesel Bus In India

Diesel Buses on 91trucks

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth exploration of Diesel buses in India and how they are transforming the logistics industry. Get all information related to Diesel buses at 91 Trucks. You can also apply filters to select the brand of the Diesel buses, you can even check every specification about the Diesel buses price list, other specifications, and much more.

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