Tata Intra V50 With DI Engine And Features Like Gear Shift Advisor And Eco Switch Can Make Your Business Profitable- Details Here

Updated On: 16 March 2023 Dheeraj S Nair

Explore the world-class features of the Tata Intra V50 that help deliver a power-packed performance and ensure a smooth operation to enhance profitability. Read on Folks:

The significant developments in the vehicular powertrain, technology and drivetrain components, precisely, the integration of newly developed BS6-higher torque-oriented powertrains and high fuel efficiency-oriented modes, into commercial trucks, have led to the introduction of numerous vehicles in the sector, that can tackle the tough challenges of logistics.

Moreover, without these developments and the integration of newer vehicular powertrains into commercial vehicles like trucks, the operational time periods of logistics that are primary users, would have been affected substantially and their growth trends and profitability would have seen a negative trajectory. 

However, it is thankfully not the case as automakers have been quite carefully integrating newer high torque-oriented BS6 powertrains, other associated components and technology into commercial trucks in order to overcome the operational challenges of logistics and difficulties presented by terrain conditions in the country. 

tata intra v50

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An example of a brand in India that has keenly developed a BS6 powertrain, technologies and other associated vehicular components that can offer the highest torque figures, power delivery and fuel efficiency to overcome the challenges mentioned earlier, is believed to be Tata Motors. 

As for Tata Motors, it is a brand that is quite renowned for the kind of performance its BS6 powertrain integrated trucks are able to offer logistics, operators, and owners. Particularly, their Intra V50 truck from the Intra range is exactly known for such powertrain-based integrations and technology to enhance logistical operations. 

Speaking of the Tata Intra V50 truck, it comes with a plethora of features necessary to operate efficiently without significant downtime periods that can cause a dip in the profitability of its users. Curious to check out those features in particular? No worries, here are the features that help deliver a power-packed performance and ensure a smooth operation. Read On: 

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tata intra v50

1. Tata Intra V50- Built To Last: 

The Intra V50 is a robust truck which has been built on the legacy of Tata Motors. It offers a bigger loading area rated 2960 mm x 1607 mm (9.8 x 5.3 feet) and a higher loading capacity How does it manage to provide a bigger loading area and better payload-focused construction? Well, the chassis of the truck is really rigid and it comes with 215R15 tyres (15” radial Tyres). 

2. Higher Power And Torque: 

The truck comes powered by a high-performance powertrain. It comes equipped with a 1496 cm3 (cc) diesel engine which is engineered to produce 59.5 kW of maximum power at 4000 r/min (80 HP) and a massive 220 Nm of peak torque at around 1750 - 2500 r/min. Further, this engine has the capacity to clock 0-60 kmph in just 13.86 seconds. 

tata intra v50

3. Better Stability And Performance: 

The vehicle comes with a rigid yet superior ride quality-oriented suspension setup. It comes with leaf spring suspension- 2 Parabolic leaves in front and 10 semi-elliptical leaves in the rear for better ride comfort and higher load-carrying capacity. Apart from this, the vehicle also offers 188 mm ground clearance for stability even in poor road conditions and 35% gradeability as well.

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4. Higher Fuel Efficiency: 

The truck comes off the production facility with a high mileage-based powertrain. However, to take things a notch higher, it comes equipped with Gear Shift Advisor, Eco Switch, two fuel efficiency drive modes: Eco and Normal and low maintenance cost-based aggregates. 

tata intra v50

5. Tata Intra V50- Better Pricing: 

Finally, what makes the Tata Intra V50 truck one of the best commercial-grade trucks in the entire commercial vehicle space is its pricing. It comes off the showroom floor carrying a price tag of just Rs. 8.90 Lakh (the price indicated is ex-showroom and is subject to change). 

Thus, these are the world-class features of the Tata Intra V50 that help deliver a power-packed performance and ensure a smooth operation to enhance profitability. 

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