Sonalika launches Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Tractor

Update On: Tue Mar 26 2024 by Gaurav Sharma
Sonalika launches Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Tractor

Sonalika Tractors has launched its innovative 'One Nation, One Tractor Price' initiative, standardising the price for its newly introduced tractor across India. The company's latest offering, the Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Multi-Speed Tractor, is now available at a singular price of INR 8,49,999 (ex-showroom), marking a significant step in its commitment to offering equitable pricing and advanced technology to farmers nationwide.

The tractor is equipped with a robust 4,709 cc 4-cylinder HDM engine, the largest in its category, which delivers an impressive 275 Nm of torque. This ensures high performance and efficiency, particularly in challenging soil conditions.

Equipped with a 12F+12R multi-speed transmission featuring shuttle-tech technology and advanced 5G hydraulics, the tractor offers unparalleled control and flexibility in various farming operations. Its lift capacity of 2,200 kg and over 140 settings further enhance its utility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and implements.

The tractor also boasts 10 DELUXE features, including LED DRL headlights, LED tail lights, a Pro+ bumper, deluxe seat, and power steering, ensuring comfort and safety for the operator while delivering high efficiency on the field.

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Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director of International Tractors Limited, emphasised the transformative nature of this launch. He highlighted the initiative's potential to revolutionise the Indian tractor industry by offering a powerful and versatile tractor at a uniform price across the nation.

The introduction of the Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus under the 'One Nation, One Tractor Price' initiative reinforces Sonalika's position as a leader in the tractor industry, committed to enhancing farm mechanisation with a focus on accessibility and performance.

Sonalika Unveils The Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Tractor

Benefits for farmers and agricultural operations

The new Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Tractor from Sonalika brings a host of benefits for farmers and agricultural operations. With its advanced features and capabilities, this tractor is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity on the field.

One of the key benefits for farmers is the enhanced power and torque of the tractor, which allows for better performance in various agricultural tasks such as tilling, plowing, planting, and harvesting. The increased power output translates to improved traction and pulling capacity, making it easier to work on challenging terrains and heavy loads.

In addition, the Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus offers better fuel efficiency, helping farmers save on operating costs in the long run. The tractor's ergonomic design and comfortable cabin ensure that operators can work for long hours without fatigue, enhancing overall productivity during busy farming seasons.

Moreover, the tractor is equipped with modern technology and features such as digital instrumentation, power steering, and advanced hydraulics, making it easier to operate and control. This results in precise and efficient farming practices, leading to better crop yields and overall farm profitability.

Overall, the Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus tractor brings a range of benefits that cater to the evolving needs of farmers and agricultural operations, helping them achieve greater success and efficiency in their farming endeavors.

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